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Thanks man you gave me a realive the 1st solution helped but i dint change th time before the prob i apreciate you.I hooked it up was watching it for about three hours and all of a sudden it went away what is wrong what can I do thank you.

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And sometimes….Just restore Google Play, Services, etc and everything is back to normal.

google play store wont download on my zte blade 3

There was a problem communicating with Google. from Google play store server. your friends google play services.For now you cant even.

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Remove from the app store as it gives message. you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to.By showing THERE WAS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH GOOGLE SERVERS.I tryed evrithing exept the last step cause it says you loose evry thing you did in the past.

Now open Play Store, it will ask you to login your Google account again.Hey guys, i have installed the no recoil and no reload mod for guns of boom version 2.1.0 So it works perfect but i cant connect to google to save my.

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But it was alright and I had to think about another solution and this one really helped apart from all of the above.

When I first experienced this problem, I had no clue what made all Google Play services including Gmail, Play Movies, Music, Magazines stop working.Samsung Galaxy S M110S: Google Play Store cannot be able to establish a reliable connecti.

I should have thought of that sooner since I had two tablets that were having the same problem with google servers.

Can't connect to Google Play. All codes and settings are

The app which came in handy for deleting the hosts.txt file is ES Explorer.Google Playstore Problem- It wont connect. 05-31-2016 05:10 AM. 51 1 2 3. You might need to force close the Google Play Store.All codes and settings are present. 0. but I cant connect to get achievements working. the main problem that I cant create function.

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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Fix Google Play Store Stop

Try to connect to Play Store again. Scroll to and tap Google Play Store.

my galaxy tab wont connect to the google play store...says

The Android Authority community is a great place to connect with other.

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I Had this problem with my samsung S2 since I bought it and i tries every thing but after using your method I was able to get my google account linked with all apps and my playstore started working.

I just logged out of the google account under the settings, added the account again and everything was fixed.

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Sometimes Google Play Store updates automatically and makes changes without user permission.Even I clear everything, or change hosts file, still not work.I used to change time settings to cheat extra lives on Candy Crash Saga.I googled the problem before spending a lot of time trying to fix it myself, and you saved me HOURS of frustration.Google Play Services sync with their master servers to send and receive data, to do this your device time and date should be correctly set.

Step 3 worked for my Google nexus 7 2012 rooted, running 4.4.2.

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My child switched the date on my phone for a game cheat who knew it would create all this drama.

The issue I am having is not only with my android 4.4.2 version, two other platforms are having connectivity issues to this game at same time.

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Android OS keeps cache of Google Play Store items in order to quickly serve content to users and to save bandwidth at same time.

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