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Many channels are choosing to stream new episodes of popular shows on their website.

HBO Go without needing cable? Welcome to the future of

Before buying any new device, check to see if your TV is set up to receive Internet streaming from its main interface.

Posted on July 2,. (even the ones on HBO and Showtime) without spending additional money.You Can Now Get HBO GO Without Paying for Other Channels. Unbundling. Comcast is offering an Internet-HBO bundle without access to other cable channel add-ons.HBO Finally Gives In, Says You Can Get HBO Go Without Paying for Cable Next Year.

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Netflix Profiles now allows you to create up to 4 separate profiles on 1 account, so that different family members can have tailored queues and suggestions.Sign up for a one week free trial after you have purchased your device and before you officially cut off cable.Older viewers find the Roku requires little set up, as well as a low learning curve.

If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.It is estimated that 90 percent of shows on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are available online.

If you have a current model, you can access TV streaming through the interface.If you adapt easily to the device, you may find you are able to tailor your TV and movie watching more readily than you did with cable TV.By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.You get the same great programming and more with a whole new level of convenience and control.Since cutting the cable requires an initial investment of a streaming device, you may not save money for 6 months to 1 year later.

If you have an Internet TV, you can stream movies and television shows through Netflix and Hulu Plus, although it will not extend to other televisions or specialty channels.

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If you opted for the Apple TV, then you can purchase current seasons of TV shows and current movies.How to get free premium cable channels using a simple programming technique.

You can sign up for TED Talks, News services, old movie channels for free or very low cost on many devices.HBO — the magical network that airs Game of Thrones, Girls, and many, many more.

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If you simply want to use Netflix and Hulu Plus for network shows, seasons of cable TV shows and movies, then this is the cheapest option with easy set up.You can stream games after you subscribe to a website-based streaming service.In most cases, this requires waiting approximately 6 months to 1 year to stream a full season of your show from Netflix for no extra charge.

If you own an iPad, iPod or have an Apple computer, the Apple TV is the best choice.Netflix service channels are available on all streaming devices.Yeah, it is new, but you can still watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. and play loads of apps and games from their app store.Although the Apple TV connects to your TV in a similar way to the Roku, it works with your Apple ID to help you stream content on all your Apple devices.

It is only a smart buy if you are considering purchasing the console anyway.Ask your friends what devices they use, and ask to try them out.This will allow you to get any premium cable channel from your cable company.You may want to consider a small indoor antenna, like the Mohu Leaf, which is smaller and less imposing than other models.

Availability and picture quality will depend upon your location.How to Watch TV Online Without Cable And Still See Your Favorite.Threatening to quit cable usually encourages representatives to give you a discount for a few months.For movies, you can rent new movies on gaming consoles, Amazon and iTunes, if they are not available with your Netflix subscription.

Starting today, millions of people in the US can buy HBO without cable.

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In less than a month, people in the U.S. will be able to subscribe to HBO without a cable or satellite TV subscription.Cable TV became so common and seemingly mandatory in the pre-Internet age that. is paying to get you your HBO.This is essential for fans of local news or sports broadcasts.

Hulu Plus streams hundreds of cable TV and network TV shows, old movies, foreign TV series and more.

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Things seem to be settling now, but some users are still experiencing problems.

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