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Synopsis: A mixed group of bank robbers and senior citizens work together to fight their way out of zombie-infested London.Only one student survives and tries to escape the zombies but is later confronted by the zombie leader.

Top 10 Underrated Movies On Netflex. Top 10 best horror movies on netflix.THE 10 GREATEST APOCALYPSE MOVIES. The 10 greatest summer movies on Netflix. Back.The mention of 28 Days Later brings up a contentious point for true zombie fans: infected people.Synopsis: Based on the Max Brooks novel, a lethal virus is turning healthy people into vicious, undead monsters.When searching for the best movies on Netflix sometimes we want a.Here are the 10 best zombie movies currently available on Netflix streaming. - Aaron Pruner, UPROXX Cockneys Vs Zombies (2012) Dead Snow: Red vs.

Ready for a night of terror with your family,. just as a Zombie Apocalypse is unleashed. 5. Stake Land.

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Counting down the best zombie movies to grace our screens since the turn of the century.The Top 10 Must-See Zombie Shows. By. If you like your zombie movies to be the kind that foster serious discussion about.Danny Boyle chose to shoot on DV cameras so it would look as if it were shot by one of the survivors.These are the Best Horror Movies On Netflix. TOP HORROR FILMS ON NETFLIX: The Best Scary Movies You.

Here are the 10 best zombie movies currently available on Netflix streaming.

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Day of the Dead is the 1985 zombie film directed by George A. Romero. The film starred Lori.

Bonus pick: (2008) Director-writer-cinematographer Jay Lee brings a whole new double-D dimension to the zombie genre — sex.Find your favorite new or old Netflix zombie movie with our guide.The zombies quickly change the dynamics of the story as cops and gangsters join forces to fight the undead.Horror Movies 20 Best Horror Movies On Netflix. the best Netflix horror movies.

Americans are obsessed with Zombies we watch them on TV, run.But in the second movie he famously chops off his possessed hand and replaces it with a handy dandy chainsaw.Romero rules by featuring zombies that are fast-moving, infected not re-animated, or demonic.A true zombie is a lethargic reanimated corpse that feeds on human flesh.

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So these zombies might be some bizarre off-shoot of the current social upheaval in France.Top 100 Best Movies On Netflix (In October 2016) September 23, 2016.The top horror movies on netflix can be hard to find. Top Horror Movies On Netflix Top 3 Horror Movies On Netflix.Beaumont has decided on a simple solution to his marital woes: kill his wife and have Legendre bring her back as a zombie so she can be his forever.We included serious movies, but there are also some funny zombie movies on Netflix that we had to include too.Synopsis: In the crazy sequel to Dead Snow, Martin mistakenly thinks things could not get worse after he kills his girlfriend with an ax, cuts off his arm with a chainsaw, and watches his friends be devoured by Nazi zombies.

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Synopsis: Spurned husband Charles Beaumont visits Murder Legendre for help with a twisted plan.

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Then I read this user review on Netflix and knew that I had to watch it.The film just misses being a classic zombie film because it mixes slow and fast creatures.

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Zombieland gives a twist to the classic zombie by speeding up the reanimated creatures and making them the result of a virus that may have started with Mad Cow Disease.

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The 7 best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix this. zombie movies like George Romero and. peak in this movie, which might be the best film.

If Pontypool exists on one end of the zombie spectrum, Dead Alive is on the opposite end.There is now a musical comedy based on the film: Re-Animator: The Musical.

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An experimental bio-weapon ends up turning people into diseased, rotting, ravenous creatures.Pontypool is subtle and intellectual while Dead Alive is a visceral, over-the-top gorefest.But there are still thematic ties that make all of these worth including in any discussion of the genre.

So I divided my list into two parts: Old School Zombies, and Modern Zombies.Zombies have definitely become more international and diverse in recent years.

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