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Today, the FCC revamped its order to provide the three principles described above.Ultimately, in 2002, it decided that because internet access providers did not offer access as a stand-alone product.Regardless, it is all but certain that government intervention in industry will slow innovation and investment.

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If net neutrality is so important, why is it so controversial.While, in 2002, the FCC had relied on new companies entering the market to create competition, and expected new innovations such as broadband over powerline, WiMAX, and satellite broadband to spur competition, these failed to flourish.

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In other words, because internet access providers did not only provide access, they had to be regulated under Title I.Consumers are entitled to competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers.

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Call your Senators and Representatives and ask them to urge the FCC to reclassify broadband access under Title II.

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What is a brief history of public policy relating to net neutrality.Since FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the proposed rulemaking, a lot of articles have been written expressing concern about these new principles, and many in the tech industry have seen them as a very dire sign for the future of the internet.

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Net Neutrality: What happened during the July 12 Internet-Wide Day of Action protest Telecom companies would love to charge more fees for internet access.

Writing this research thing on net neutrality (U.S.) for a class and I wanted to know when net neutrality was first officially passed as a law by.

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The ongoing fight over net neutrality has largely existed in the realm of the hypothetical.

Edit, Feb. 26, 2015: The FCC voted today to regulate broadband providers under Title II.

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This ham-fisted compromise will harm small business owners, even further wreck competition and innovation, raise barriers to entry for new start-ups, and drain money from users both individual and corporate.

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In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission passed a set of Internet privacy and net neutrality rules.But you totally have the power to reclassify it, and then you can regulate it all you want, because Title II does.

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Congress knew it was going to be important, but it also knew the internet was going to.A provider of broadband Internet access service must treat lawful content, applications, and services in a nondiscriminatory manner.