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Snapchat has been one of the major success stories as far as messaging apps.Guide on how to delete Snapchat History so that you leave no traces of chat history, photos shared or any other details.After tapping the name, then tap the gear that appears on the right side.How To Delete Snapchat Chat History On iPhone or iPad, Chatting, texting, sharing our funny moments with our friends through private space available in.How to delete Snapchat history on iPhone permanently to avoid leaking out your personal username and phone number.

Since Snapchat messages automatically delete after you read them, I used to.There is also some doubt as to whether the Snapchat servers actually purge all of the messages as they claim.

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Each Snap stays up for 24 hours, and you can identify each Snap with a tag line that you have to give it when you save it.

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Besides this will also help you save your image in front of your friends who will not be able to view anything that you thought have published earlier but have deleted.The use of a reliable Snap history eraser makes things easier for you, and you will get to learn how to delete Snapchat story in the most convenient way.

This wikiHow teaches you how to permanently delete your Snapchat account using your computer or mobile device.Guide to delete Snapchat History so that you leave no traces of chat history or any other details.

There are ways to permanently delete Snapchat photos, though.However, you may not like some or all of a Story that you have uploaded.How to delete Snapchat. That said, think back over your Snapchat history.

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Prepare yourself for the fact that everything you post on the Internet could come back to haunt you in some way.Snapchat changes: Chat, Stories, and No, they never really disappeared.

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All you have to do is press your own name in the list, and then add the pic or clip you just took to your Story.

To clear a conversation from your Chat screen, simply follow the steps below.Snapchat, the iOS and Android photo-sharing app used by millions to send self-destructing media files, does not actually delete the files,.

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So lets quickly move on as I will help you to delete your Snapchat history in this beautifully written text content.If you want to delete the entire Story, you have to do it one Snap at a time, so start with the first Snap.Ads enable us to continue contributing to in the same way as we are doing it right now.