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If your school firewall blocks it, you should suggest to the admin to let kulsara.com through the firewall, since it only has the relevant K-12 educational videos from Youtube.

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SAVE CANCEL. already. the name of the song and the artist and you will give the artist credit and it wont get blocked,.WARNING: The use of web-proxies or anonymizers to bypass firewalls might be against the rules at your school or place of employment.

It really is possible to find just about anything on the website.The Great Firewall Of China blocked youtube and other social media sites because they want to have control of what is published.Do network administrator have the right to tell people that whose comment can be seen.Intro: Get Into Any Site That May Be Blocked - Just Have Access to My Computer.

When you do this they are between you and whatever site you going to.

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Youtube videos blocked in certain countries is just as bad as games being region locked.

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In this instructable I use a random webpage - yes.google.com to access instructables.

You can also make use of Youtube Mirror which actually does the same exact thing, it allows you to view and even download restricted or blocked videos either.Blocking websites is a rather bad habit that the government authorities in Pakistan.

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YouTube has millions of videos, many of which could be used as an.

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But I think it is to do with the laws of that particular country.The purpose of this page is to provide a way to unblock YouTube Videos that are only allowed to be viewed.The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

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Get to You-Tube from work or school, even through a firewall by using an Anonymizer or Private web surfing site.

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You might only have to try one or two different anonyimizers or web-proxy services before you can connect to YouTube.com from school.Some schools block proxys and anonymous web surfing sites, especially the free ones, so you may have to try a few to find one that works.First I tried to fire up normal youtube intent, then I used WebView (using both video and iframe tags), and.

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Some districts use automatic filtering software that look for the word proxy so try to find sites without the word proxy in them such as googling unblock the net or such.Video-sharing platform YouTube is the second-most popular website as of 2016, according to Alexa Internet.

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We done the Ip address thing, and they found out, and ended up blocking it.

Blocked drains Leatherhead for a fixed price 07731 567595 Chris.These anonymizers and Anonymous web surfing services are usually used to hide your tracks while surfing the internet, making it impossible for anyone to trace what web-pages you have visited - but you can also use anonymizers and proxies to access YouTube and other websites at school or work that are blocked by a firewall.Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.This article will give you an effective and reliable way of how to watch blocked YouTube videos when a media license holder or government prohibits the video from.

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You may have to try a few different internet anonymous web surfing services or proxies to see which one works best with the firewall that your school or office has.To post pieces of code, surround them with. tags. For PHP code, you can use, which will also colour it based on syntax.There are Many method are available on internet to Access Blocked Youtube Videos, But here i will give you to best working method to access and watch any videos on.

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Most web-proxy services or anonymizers are not free, but many do offer partial service for free or a free trial period, which might work for you depending on what type of firewall your school uses.

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You probably have used copyright song from the country that your video has been blocked.

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