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Improvement: Compatibility between tunnel configured with VPN 5.5 and tunnel configured with VPN 6.2.Improvement: The license number remains during a software upgrade.

Bug fixing: Software startup time and VPN Configuration import time might be longer than usual when debug mode enabled on some Windows Vista configuration.Download here the latest VPN Client release available for older Windows OS.

Bug fixing: Full compatibility with Trend Micro firewall anti-virus.Bug fixing: Misconfiguration avoided when apply a configuration in USB mode without a VPN USB stick being inserted.In this case, quit and restart the software, all opened tunnels from now on will show up.Le VPN Windows software is easy to use, reliable and compatible with all Windows devices.Feature: Certificates can be imported from several media: USB Stick, SmartCards, Tokens.Bug fixing: USB Drive wizard windows not running on forefront.You can also select specifically what you want to use PureVPN for i.e. watching video, anonymous browsing etc. and PureVPN will adjust the server settings and selection to speed things up.

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Bug fixing: Wrong Finnish translation in Software Activation window.HideMe VPN for Windows is an application that allows users to anonymously browse the Internet through the use of.Improvement: More information and clearer messages on Software Activation errors.Feature: Possibility of certificate injection via a command line option (online certificate injection).Minor problem causing conflicts (under special conditions) with Antivirus Software, causing a.Known bug: String display error in the evaluation window, Chinese release only.Known issue: Wireshark must be installed after the VPN Client software to be able to scan its interfaces.

Bug fixing: A second VPN Client popup show up when coming back from sleep prior to Windows login if Gina mode (i.e. opening VPN tunnel before Windows logon) has been configured.For more information about SonicWall, see also VPN Certified Gateways.Bug fixing: GUI sometime crashed when an X-Auth tunnel took a long time to open.Bug fixing: Finnish and Danish language typo in the Software Activation window.

Improvement: IKEv1 - DPD mechanism improvement: tunnel correctly closes on DPD failure and gateway renegotiation, DPD keeps on on network disconnection, DPD timers management is tuned.Bug fixing: Modification on VPN configuration not taken into account if switch to USB mode and back with some specific USB drives.Bug fixing: Latest zip compression format of the setup was not supported within some computer environments.Bug fixing: VPN Client stops working after entering smartcard PIN code larger than 10 digits.I have a new Windows 7 laptop and I cannot install the Cisco VPN client software.Your new IP address is clearly displayed along with bandwidth usage.

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Bug fixing: TheGreenBow Gina library (i.e. Connection Panel windows before logon) does not find all necessary system resources which might prevent user from login, which may forces the user to login in safe mode.

Older Windows versions are supported with older IPSec VPN Client software release on the download page.Bug fixing: Once tunnel opened using Mode-Config, WINS value might be overwritten by DNS value.This systray popup window shows the tunnel opening progress, and the warnings on tunnel opening errors.Improvement: Ability to activate the software on Windows machine where system folders like MyDocuments or ProgramData might or might not be available.Improvement: Support of 3G modem Sony Ericsson MD300, Huawei E1756 and E1553.The Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software is required for access to Carleton University resources that are restricted to on-campus use.Improvement: Command line parameters not working in some circumstances (Vista only).

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Three modes are available: the tunnel may open when the IPSec VPN Client starts, on traffic detection, or.Workaround would be to force the selection of the Certificate in the Configuration Panel.Bug fixing: USB drive plug in not detected in some circumstances.Improvement: Significant usability improvement of the USB Mode with ability to attach a VPN configuration to a specific computer or to a specific USB drive.Bug fixing: VPN Configuration lost during upgrade in some Windows configurations.

PureVPN has launched the updated VPN app for Windows, which is now available in English, German, French and Dutch.Feature: Algorithms SHA2 is supported to sign with a CSP smart card.Bug fixing: When a tunnel is using Config Mode, Phase 2 renegotiation does not use the settings sent by the gateway, but the parameters from the configuration file, therefore preventing from opening the VPN tunnel.Improvement: IPv4 subnet and subnet mask is now handled by the IPSec VPN Client software when sent by the remote gateway in Config Mode exchange.Now you can get complete security via hack-proof encryption up to 256-bit.Bug fixing: VPNConf synchro issue when using USB Mode and autostart tunnel.

Bug fixing: The command line options of the software are correctly managed (Vista only).Feature: New Ercom CryptoSmart Micro SD support for IKEv1, IKEv2 and SSL.Those who are still running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their.PureVPN has a huge network of over 450 servers in almost 90 countries which means you should always be able to find a reliable, fast connection which can be a problem sometimes with VPN providers.Improvement: Better warning message when software activation error like quota exceeded.Improvement: The stability of the IP address change detection has been significantly improved.

Improvement: Messages are displayed in default language (i.e. english) if not available in the language dll, this is especially useful when our partners work on localization version.Known issue: Importing VPN Configurations with Certificates in IPSec VPN Client 5.0 from a VPN Client 4.7 might prevent from opening a tunnel.Improvement: Temporary installation folder for drivers in Windows 7 64-bit shall not had restricted access rights.

Hi, I just instaled windows 7 on my corporate laptop but the Cisco VPN Client 4.6 that i had with XP does not work under Windows 7.Bug fixing: The VPN tunnel opens properly but no traffic goes through when using X-Auth based configuration and VPN Client address is may change your cookie preferences and obtain more information here.