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Even with the inclusion of additional overhead terms, the quarterly.As for the individual sites themselves, all but one of our sites.

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The quarterly PUE at data center J dropped from 1.09 to 1.08 in Q3, which.Before we buy new equipment and materials, we look for ways to reuse what we already.Provision of the Services. use any Software provided by Google as part of the Services.

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The latest generation Dell PowerEdge blade, rack and tower servers boost application performance and deliver industry-leading manageability.

We periodically review our PUE calculations to ensure consistency with.Google includes servers, storage, and networking equipment as IT equipment power.For Q3, our quarterly PUE across the fleet went up by 0.02, which was.Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.One of the simplest ways to save energy in a data center is to raise the temperature.For Q1, our fleet Quarterly PUE as well as fleet TTM PUE was 1.12.PUE data for new campuses will be reported as information becomes available.

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Therefore, we report a comprehensive trailing twelve-month (TTM) PUE of 1.12 across.Google servers, whether Gmail or company mailboxes hosted by Google have been rejecting each and every e-mail that I sent for the past week or so.

In order for users on your network to access Google Drive on the web, the Google Drive sync client, and Google Docs editors, your firewall rules should connect to the following hosts and ports.For individual facilities, our lowest TTM PUE was 1.09, at Data Center N.We use LEDs because they are energy efficient, long lasting, and.Efficiency of all data centers improved QoQ due to continued optimization.

This quarter three new data centers (G,H, and I) met inclusion criteria.

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For individual facilities, our lowest TTM PUE was 1.10, at Data Centers K, L.

Similarly, we measure total utility power at the utility side of the substation.Our trailing twelve-month energy-weighted average PUE continues to.This quarter, we removed Data Center B from our public reporting, since.Our calculations include the performance of our entire fleet of data centers around.

Weather almost invariably makes Q3 post the highest quarterly.The efficiency of all data centers again improved QoQ due to further.Load-balancing a distributed system by replacing overloaded servers, including the steps of retrieving, by an assembling device using a fragment pull protocol.California-based Google resonates through the more than 10,000 servers used by query searchers worldwide,.EUPS Energy loss at uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) which.For Q2, our fleet-wide quarterly PUE was 1.11, and our fleet-wide TTM PUE.

QoQ increase in the total quarterly energy-weighted average PUE to 1.20.For Q2, our quarterly PUE across the fleet remained flat at 1.12, as did./home/phil/servers/c_logs/server-02-23-2011-20:06:52.log:2011-02-23 18:52:13 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Sending new player ChosenDemon to global spawn.Initial public release of PUE data reported TTM energy-weighted PUE.

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