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Comcast was preventing Roku users like me, who ALSO already pay for HBO, from being able to watch it on our TVs, simply because they could.You need another 4.5 years of school to figure out the difference between cable companies and Roku if you consider them the same type of middle man.

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Well, even if you do subscribe to HBO, which I do, and your cable provider is Time Warner you would still be out of luck.It would make getting rid of my cable a much easier decision.

For the persons who think we should pony up a few bucks for cable please if you have that kind of money then pay for our subscription.Cable, satellite, and other pay-TV providers are discounting HBO.DirecTV did a bait and waste customers time going through all the sign-up steps and not one mention ROKU was not a provided option.I can clearly see the distinction between an intelligent person, and someone flinging their shit like a monkey.But am not a republican d-bag that believes that this country is full of idiots like you that have forgotten about great customer service, fair market value and honesty should be the first priority not sellingnyour soul for the almighty bottom line.A great idea by HBO just need to open the doors more for Roku owners that do not want to pay cable.I want to take the Rokus outside and smash them with a sledgehammer after hearing this.HBO is a subsidary of Time Warner, sister company of Time Warner Cable.ROKU means to hustle us for money that they will be sharing with hbo go,showtimeanytime etc.

But if that is what you want to pay for then waste your money.

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Let those services offer direct streaming products to their loyal consumer base.I assume the more requests they get the better chance that they do it.

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You Monkey, sound like an out-of-touch Republican talking about food stamps and all that.I need you to look up a few words and see how they might apply to your response above.This makes it so I can watch HBO content in my bedroom where the Roku box is (we use it with our secondary TV as it adds to the cable experience).

It sure seems like it would be worth the risk for HBO, as it would provide them with a new, highly profitable revenue stream, and possibly allow them to compete with Netflix (another intermediary).Cable companies are starting to offer HBO as part of budget-priced packages.HBOGO is useless if you HAVE TO HAVE A HBO WITH A CABLE PROVIDER TOO, i WOULD PAY FOR A straight streaming SERVICE.This whole conversation is nearly reaching the point of obsolescence.

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I would pay FULL subscription price to HBO when, not if, they go online.If they charged the full HBO cost for this you would all be complaining about that too.

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Where the past three years internet set top boxes have been the main talk along with the tablets.HBO Go is an insult to the consumer, and will just accelerate the death of ripoff cable service.I also realize that you collectors of said welfare will always be against the ones who consider you users and losers.

Stream all of HBO—the biggest shows, movies, and documentaries, plus hundreds of kids titles—to your favorite devices, no TV package required.I wish you guys had mentioned the limitations when you announced it weeks ago.Comcast is aquiring NBC which has 27% ownership stake in Hulu.Like everyone else stated, if I subscribed to cable I would never have purchased a Roku in the first place.

Just like Hula plus-is offering showtime if u have a suscription.Monkeyface your a jackass trying to compensate for a small penis.Please Monkeyface does not even have a point he as posted more ignorant comments than another here.I have had mine for almost 2 years, now with HBO GO on board it gives me another option, If you do not like it go back to rabbit ears to get your TV, Nobody is putting a gun to your head to get a streaming device that you can put anywhere in your home to get commercial free TV. Enjoy.

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You must be a republican, bc you definitely live in the bubble.You can take the Roku places you have acess to WiFi and a TV that has HDMI but limited or no cable service and you can still have access to a lot of stuff.I can buy entire seasons of shows I like on dvd with the money I am saving.DSL is a bit slower, but its too fast for me to notice in browsing.