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I have several ports forwarded on to allow for a Minecraft server for my son and a TeamSpeak server I manage.Hourly server backups in case you need to restore you server to an earlier time.When adding a port forward, a firewall rule must also be added to allow traffic in to the internal IP address...

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How to Setup and Install your own Ventrilo Private Server. How to connect to a Ventrilo server.

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Check out some tips and solutions for resolving those issues in this Ventrilo troubleshooting guide.The router log does not display these connections or connection attempts, though the log appears pretty basic and is almost surely not displaying (via the web-based console) all the events it is handling.

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Not my personal server,. want to try using port forwarding in PIA.

The ping worked when I had a friend issue it from a different external network.

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Learn how to setup a Ventrilo server on your own dedicated server or home computer.Control panel user editor simplifies user management even further.Firewall logs are essential for recognizing attacks, troubleshooting your firewall rules, and noticing unusual activity on your network.

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Firewall feature enabled then you must explicitly enable port 3784 for both.

What he would love to do however is gain access to our ventrilo server (on port. (behind a firewall and using windows) so that I could forward the ports so that he.

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In this guide you will learn how to forward ports for your Ventrilo Server Please watch 3 for the rest of the procedure.

I had to port forward the old router in order for things to run smoothly. FFXI Server Ramuh.

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These are the default ports used by TeamSpeak 3: Default voice port (UDP in): 9987.Yesterday afternoon the Ventrilo server was working fine, but then I (stupidly) decided to delete port the forwarding rule.

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I am not a Comcast employee, I am a paying customer just like you.I can connect to other Vent servers, and other people can connect to mine.

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I am attempting to set up a ventrilo service to run on a Linux (Fedora) box on my local network, and make that service available to external internet clients.

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Port forwarding refers to the setup for communication between external devices (outside a network) and one internal device (inside a network).

However, the fact that I cannot even ping the comcast dhcp-assigned external IP address used by my router from my work network made me suspect that the problem may in fact be upstream from my router.I am attempting to set up a ventrilo service to run on a Linux (Fedora) box on my local network, and make that service available to external internet.

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Then you should enable port forwarding on your router to your computer.I believe you need to set this address outside the normal range of IPs assigned by the router. I.e.-if the router is assigning, set your fixed IP to or higher.Forum discussion: Hi, I just spoke with a Embarq tech support and he had told me to come and ask about Port forwarding on a Zyxel 660.

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That would lead me to think that getting and keeping a fixed IP is not the crux of the problem.